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Tom Corcoran 

PhD, MSc, BSc, MM, ACP

Conservation Ethnographer, Humanitarian, Writer, and Storyteller: I am dedicated to the world of culture and heritage, safeguarding traditional knowledge through ethnographic research coupled with developing projects that support displaced and vulnerable communities. I centre my work on traditional knowledge from shelter and environment to vernacular architecture, education, nature and cultural heritage conservation, resource management and livelihood development.

Dr. Tom Corcoran is a Conservation Ethnographer, Humanitarian, Global Explorer, and Writer who weaves traditional knowledge and cultural heritage into community-based projects while documenting vivid narratives. Born in Ireland, Tom grew up in Australia, where he developed a deep appreciation for biodiversity and traditional ways of life, which guided his career in cultural heritage conservation and humanitarian work. His work spans from restoring heritage buildings and sites in conflict reconstruction and disaster to working in community-based eco-tourism and living heritage across the globe from Australia to Indonesia, Madagascar, South Korea, Bhutan, Europe, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Tom Corcoran's academic journey is a testament to his dedication and expertise. He holds an MM and ACP from Australia, a BSc and MSc from UCC and UCD in Ireland, and a PhD from Birmingham University in the UK. His professional experience includes managing large-scale private sector projects to leading humanitarian and development projects with the United Nations and INGOs as well as advising and training government departments in cultural heritage, tourism and vernacular architecture. As a National Geographic Global Explorer, his work in Indonesia has received accolades from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (ECOA). Tom also received the FORD Awards for Conservation and Development for his work in Madagascar.

As the project manager, writer, and editor at the Fading Cultures Project, Dr Corcoran is dedicated to illuminating the stories of remote communities,' supporting and documenting their life stories and traditions, celebrating the enduring connections between humanity, heritage, traditional knowledge and the world around us.

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"Supporting community based conservation, biocultural diversity, and cultural heritage, with the aim of enriching lives of those around me."

WhatsApp +33 670 96 85 83

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