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Dr Tom Corcoran 

PhD, MSc, BSc, MM, ACP

Conservation Ethnographer: I am dedicated to the world of storytelling through ethnographic researcher, and developing projects around traditional knowledge, nature and cultural heritage conservation, arts, artisans and community.

I work to discover, share and promote the stories of the human spirit.

Dr. Tom Corcoran is a renowned Conservation Ethnographer, Global Explorer, and Writer with a profound dedication to the art of storytelling through ethnographic research, focusing on traditional knowledge, nature, and cultural heritage conservation, arts, artisans, and communities. His journey in conservation and ethnography has been deeply intertwined, beginning in Dublin, Ireland, before migrating to the East Coast of Australia during his childhood. Australia's rich biodiversity ignited his interest in the natural world and cultural legacies, leading him to work as a Cultural Heritage Mason and later in the National Parks of Australia, where he engaged closely with Indigenous Australian heritage.


Dr. Corcoran's heritage journey took him from Ireland to the USA, Algeria, Korea, and across Europe, working on significant heritage restoration projects. He furthered his academic pursuits at University College Cork and University College Dublin, integrating his work with traditional communities and the natural environment, culminating in a BSc, MSc, and PhD. His fieldwork has involved documenting, sharing, and promoting traditional ways and supporting spaces for traditional knowledge, arts, and artisans.


Over recent decades, Dr. Corcoran has managed projects for the United Nations, collaborated with international NGOs and governments, and served as a "National Geographic Global Explorer," researching and documenting stories across South East Asia. His explorations have taken him to remote locations, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Madagascar, and across Africa, earning recognition from the European Outdoor Conservation Association and the FORD Awards for his commitment to cultural conservation, sustainable development, and the integration of people and nature.


Dr. Corcoran's latest endeavors have focused on the Arts of the Silk Roads and the heritage of artisans, uncovering the history of oil painting from Afghanistan's rugged caves to the tribal areas of Pakistan and India. His work with the Gurjar tribes in the Sariska Tiger Reserve underscores his dedication to preserving the global cultural mosaic and connections to the land. As the writer, editor, and producer of the Global Explorer Magazine under the Fading Cultures Project, Dr. Corcoran is committed to illuminating the narratives and traditions as they transition to new generations, showcasing his unwavering commitment to cultural heritage conservation and the human spirit.

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"Supporting community based conservation, biocultural diversity, and cultural heritage, with the aim of enriching lives of those around me."

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