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Dr Tom Corcoran 

PhD, MSc, BSc, MM, ACP

Research Ethnographer, Cultural Heritage & Development Specialist focusing on; Diversity Conservation through Regenerative travel, community development & the promotion and conservation of  artisanal heritage products, skills and techniques.

Dr Tom Corcoran, a luminary in the field of cultural heritage, is an ethnographer, explorer, writer and bio-cultural diversity specialist. Born in Ireland, Tom's passion for exploring the world's hidden corners has led him on a remarkable journey for over three decades.


A "National Geographic Global Explorer" since 2015, Tom's work is a tapestry of experiences, from the remote corners of Indonesia to the mystical wonders of Madagascar. He has been honoured with the EOCA and FORD awards, recognising his exemplary projects that focus on conservation and community development, traditional artisans and their journey to the present. He has worked extensively with the United Nations and advised a variety of Government bodies in the fields of Environment, Heritage, regenerative tourism and community development.


With a PhD, M.Sc., M.M., B.Sc., and ACP, Tom's extensive qualifications and unparalleled expertise, he is a "Master of Cultural Heritage" having decades of hands-on crafting experience. He's a connoisseur of the arts, a seasoned ethnographer, an insightful writer, and a gifted photographer. His recent ventures delve into the Silk Road arts, artisan heritage, and the history of Oil Painting from Afghanistan to Europe. He also writes and produces the quarterly Global Explorer Magazine. 


Tom's dedication to preserving and promoting heritage crafts brought him to South Asia, where he now embarks on the momentous "Artisanal Transect" journey. He's the founder and CEO of the Fading Cultures Project, championing regenerative tourism and diversity conservation and highlighting the many ways we can learn from traditional knowledge in vernacular architecture, crafts and biocultural diversity in challenging environments of a changing world.


With a portfolio spanning Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Bhutan, Haiti, and many more, Tom's indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment continue to inspire and illuminate crafts, cultures and traditional knowledge that might otherwise be lost. His quest to safeguard our world's treasures and promote artisanal legacies is a testament to the profound impact of a an explorer and cultural heritage specialist.

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"Supporting community based conservation, biocultural diversity, and cultural heritage, with the aim of enriching lives of those around me. I am keeping my passion for regenerative travel, life long learning and sharing the stories of humanity alive."

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