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Welcome to the Fading Cultures Project. We focus on collaborating with artisans, artists and crafts people in traditional, indigenous and remote communities to support and highlight their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and way of life. We document, promote and work to jointly create immersive experiences that highlight the allure of the spirit of humanity's heritage stories at the core of sustainable development. Our work primarily takes place in far-flung regions that are frequently overlooked, disrupted by conflict, or poorly accessed thus seldom visited by outsiders. Our emphasis is on cultivating meaningful connections with the crafters and creators of heritage through their narratives, tourism and authenticity,

We act as a catalyst creating opportunities for interaction with those who maintain or carry traditional skills, highlighting the beauty of the human spirit, promoting beautiful places, arts and ideas crafted and shaped by nature, tradition and hand.

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Fading Cultures is a diverse project consisting of our network of contributing explorers, our artisanal project partners, and cultural communities, all of whom contribute to our Global Explorer Magazine, workshops, exhibitions and cultural product development. With more than 30 years of working in the tangible, intangible, living cultural and natural heritage space, we know how to make your valued support work for traditional communities.   

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