Documenting Cultural    Heritage

At Fading Cultures, we use a variety of ethnographic tools to document the cultural heritage of communities under threat.

Culture is a fundamental element of our projects. We partner and support with Artisans across the globe to promote and maintain their human identity in a culturally appropriate context. 

Shamshad imparts knowledge at the Baltistan University

High & Wild, Pakistan


We are documenting the unique way of life of some of the world's most remote communities in the foothills of one of the world highest peaks, Mount K2.

We are developing projects with the rare K2 Jasper which is a highly vibrational stone that is said to encourage harmony and balance.

Funds committed to this project support a regenerative development cycle in K2.  Profits go towards Environmental sustainability and local economic development for remote women's groups. 

Rogan Silk Art

From the 'Cave to the Canvas' is a groundbreaking project exploring the Artisanal practice of Rogan Silk Art.


Rogan silk Painting 'oil in Persian' is the first recorded oil based painting on a transportable medium.


To ensure the survival of this art and to support livelihood conservation in Islamabad, Pakistan; order a unique artwork or purchase a Rogan Silk Painting kit. 


Afghanistan's Traditional Crafts

Fading Cultures Foundation is partnering with communities and Refugee Aid in Afghanistan.


Through economic development, livelihoods and environmental management we ensure long-term success and sustainability for the Afghan people particularly women and girls.


Lebanon a Country in Crisis

 Jade Morrissey is currently investigate the impact of the Beirut Blast on Local culture and heritage asking how has the blast affected the lives and livelihoods of the population in the area.


Particular attention will be placed on policy implementation recommendations  within the humanitarian sphere as well providing sustainable development opportunities for the marginalized, particularly women.  Furthermore Jade will be undertaking several transects within baalbek and Beqaa Valley, focusing on transculturalism in the regions.