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Tom Corcoran

(Phd. MSc. BSc. MM. ACP)

Exploring culture, crafts, biocultural diversity, heritage, silk roads, cultural tourism, displacement, vernacular architecture 

Tom is an ethnographer, explorer, cultural, heritage and bio-cultural diversity specialist, Born in Ireland,. he has over 30 years of travel and international work experience from remote projects across the globe. Tom has been a "National Geographic Global Explorer" since 2015. He was the recipient of the EOCA and FORD awards for his projects in  Indonesia and Madagascar. Tom focus is on traditional knowledge, sustainable tourism, bio-cultural diversity conservation, and vernacular architecture.​ Tom has worked extensively throughout Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Haiti, Madagascar, Indonesia, Korea, Europe, the USA, Algeria, Tunisia, Bhutan Lebanon. He is the CEO and founder of the Fading Cultures Project, GEN.

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Expedition with Jade Morrissey
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