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In Partnership with Baltistan Culture & Development Foundation
and the University of Baltistan Skardu 


We work in remote communities supporting cultural tourism. We provide knowledge and training for local Pakistani guides and work directly with community members ensuring a direct benefit for all. We believe in Neo-Endogenous development, where out approach facilitates the mobilization of local resources and human capital. We believe in circular and upwards socio-economic mobility for local communities. Join one of our unique tailored experiences.




In Pakistan we work closely with remote communities developing crafts and artisanal skills connecting craft-folk to new markets in order to expand and preserve their unique skills.  From Jewellery to Jali's to journeys to some of the highest and remote regions of the World. When you purchase an item of collected culture you are directly supporting the fading artisans, their community and local culture. You are engaging in compassionate consumerism, which fuels revival in place of destruction.

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