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"Support Traditional Communities, to Preserve Nature & Culture: Transform Your Passion into Action with Our Immersive Community Based Conservation Course."


Integrative Approaches to Nature, Culture, and Development - 4 Weeks Interactive Workshop and Field Based Training Course 2024 - 2025

The course is an emersive four week course covering classroom topics from Community Based Nature Conservation,  Tribal, Cultural and Minority Rights, to filed based Ethnographic Research for Environment and Development to Education and Vernacular Building. The Course is set in the beautiful BOHD Siksha Samiti Teacher Traing Campus on the pheriphery of the Sariska Tiger Reserve which spans 881 km2 (340 sq mi). In this course you will work closely with tribal communities, on conservation, education, data collection, livelihoods, gender and development. The course includes all accommodation, meals, transport and Reserve and site fees all inclusive.  

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"Core Curriculum Focus"

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