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Glen Hooper

Focus on coastal zones reef and Islands, wildlife

and traditional knowledge 

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Explorer of Oceans and Islands, Glen has travelled much of the World, living and working across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. He has been sailing and diving for over 30 years and is currently enjoying the waters, reefs and Islands of North Queensland aboard his 50" Catamaran "Bohica." Glen is also passionate about learning some of the traditional ways of life from the oldest First Nation people of the Whitsundays. Glen captures stories and visuals of people, places, wildlife and traditional ways of life in remote and isolated areas that few people can experience. Beyond his life at sea, Glen is an electrical engineer focusing on the environment, recovery, and storage of renewable energy. He is always planning his next expedition, which you can experience here at the Fading Cultures Foundation. 

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Expedition with Jade Morrissey
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