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Our projects are exploritory journey's through the world of regenerative living, cultural heritage and the diversity of the human spirit. We engage with communities, traditional artisans and artists in unique corners of the world, from the sea to the remote mountainous reaches, through ancient cities and deserts to the vibrant diversity of remote, isolated, conflict or disaster affected communities.

We are documenting, promoting and sharing the cultural lives and crafts, where timeless artistry is woven through the crafts and culture of community and the hands of master artisans.'

A Cultural Heritage Journey


Embark on our journeys as we celebrate the rich tapestry of unique artisanal crafts flourishing in remote and culturally vibrant corners of the world. Our exploration encompasses the time-honored traditions of South and South East Asia, the indigenous artistry rooted in South and Central America, the mesmerizing diversity of the African continent, and the craftsmanship of Central Europe.


In these far-flung destinations, we passionately believe that hidden gems of artistry and cultural heritage await discovery. We immerse ourselves in these communities, meticulously documenting the exquisite skills and creativity of local artisans who safeguard fading cultures.


Our Transects embody the essence of "slow travel." We traverse these remote landscapes by bike, sail, hike, and kayak, transforming every journey into a pilgrimage to the human spirit. We connect with local communities, learn their stories, and deepen our appreciation for the profound impact of culture on their lives, all while actively promoting their crafts and products.


Join us, fellow global explorers, on this incredible voyage. Explore the beauty of fading cultures, immerse yourself in the world of artisanal crafts, and experience the transformative power of travel that fosters understanding, appreciation, and preservation of our world's rich heritage.


Documenting life through remarkable expedition with National Geographic Society Global Explorer Tom Corcoran. Tom leads you through "The Artisanal Transect." These captivating journey's are elegantly documented in the pages of Global Explorer Magazine, books and film.


In a time of economic challenges, the turmoil of climate events and political instability, we reveal interesting artisanal crafts, arts and customs that can be a tool for peace and economic prosperity as we delve into the rich tapestry of cultural heritage. At the forefront of this exploration are the people, the guardians of timeless crafts, who weave magic through their skilful hands.

Through vivid storytelling, from print to film and stunning photography, we celebrate the mesmerising artistry behind each creation, capturing the essence of cultural heritage and the soulful dedication these artisans pour into their work. "The Artisanal Transects" are voyages of cultural preservation, where traditions are interwoven into the fabric of remote society, they are cherished and should be documented, promoted and protected..


The Fading Cultures Project is a dynamic initiative that collaborates closely with communities, artisans, artists, and craftspeople worldwide to safeguard and promote their invaluable cultural heritage. We go beyond preservation, actively connecting these talented individuals to new markets through a multifaceted approach.


Our commitment to regenerative travel ensures that we engage with these communities sustainably, respecting their traditions and minimizing our footprint. We facilitate online sales development, providing a global platform for these artisans to showcase their authentic and high-quality products.


Through exhibitions, we bring their creations to a wider audience, celebrating their stories and the richness of their cultural heritage. At the core of our mission is the documentation of these artisans' journeys, enabling their stories to resonate with a global audience, fostering appreciation, and ensuring their legacy endures.

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