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Global Explorer Magazine is a leading free online cultural magazine developed by the international team at Fading  We focus on living and tangible cultural heritage, featuring unique artists, artisans and craft folk from around the world. We highlight their way of life, in remote and often isolated places, connecting . Your support means the World to us.   
Global Explorer Magazine

Explore the earliest known art of Rorgan silk painting. The origins of the art date back as far as the 7th Century (CE), following the development of the first plant-based oil paints. This was the peak of the Silk Roads.

Global Explorer Magazine

In Minangkabau culture, the men often pursue careers away from home, and most see their need to travel, learn and create wealth outside their community as a right of passage. This free-roaming lifestyle leaves the matrilineal inheritors, daughters and granddaughters, to occupy and manage the property and wealth through the female line. 

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